JAS AROMA MIIO Bluetooth Aroma Diffuser

JAS AROMA MIIO Bluetooth Aroma Diffuser

Mio is a nebulizer aroma diffuser of design that integrates perfectly with visual and olfactory for home use, elegant lines and colors, and led light will help you manage your stress, super silent and uniform. It is intelligent and you can control it with the App on your cell phone.

Using innovative cold air diffusion technology, meaning that during the high-pressurized dispersion process the fragrance oils are transformed into a lightweight, dry nano-mist, which stays suspended in the air longer and offers more coverage. This type of advanced atomization technology is also residue free and safe for pets, children and furniture. 


Model: MIio

Size: L100*W100*H186mm

Weight: 0.6KG

Capacity: 100ml

Voltage: 12V

Power: 1.1W

Noise: less than 40dba

Coverage: 100-600 p2