"If you're looking for a way to increase sales, the best strategy is to appeal to the emotions, and the highway to emotion is through the smell"

- neurologists, psychiatrists, the United States of Chicago "the smell and taste treatment research fund founder Dr.AlanR.Hirsch

Fragrance Marketing from the view of representation is a new type of sensory marketing, the close relationship between smell and use the human brain emotion to achieve the purpose of marketing.

The starting point of Fragrance Marketing is precisely this, we through the demands of businesses, businesses in combination with its own brand positioning and business development, some just perfect design concept to fragrance.

This allows businesses to enter the business environment to be able to experience a full range of sensory feast, which will lay down the inner line of defense, and thus more easily accept the recommendations of businesses.

On the other hand, consumers in the business before entering the place will often have to ask to enter the brand has a self set, and this set to a large extent determines the next consumption can not be carried out smoothly.

At this time, some brands of soft power and culture can play a very magical role, because this experience can enhance the value of the brand in the minds of consumers. And can quickly show the way consumers this brand value not to let him off more often than not to him or to him, but through a silent sense of marketing.