All my life I have loved to create. God has given me many talents. I am passionate about cooking, especially baking, custom jewelry, creating beautiful flower arrangements, etc. However, for one reason or another I had never decided to start a business.

My husband and I for more than 10 years have a consulting office Mechanical Engineering (JAS CONSULTING PSC) and I kept focused on our business helping to give an excellent service.

I particularly love scents. Whenever we travel I always notice the waiting areas of hotels and how pleasant their aromas are. I would think: "I want to get home and smell that same scent". Although I confess that I have also had the bad experience of going to hotels where the scent is not so pleasant.

We in our office daily specify all kinds of air conditioning system. One day we were designing a luxurious residence and I told my husband: "Do you know of any machine that we can integrate the air conditioning system and aromatize the entire residence?

Since then I became curious to search and educate myself on the subject of the olfactory market and I found what I was looking for. Not only did I find the machine that scents but also the one that disinfects my home. It took me a long time to find the right product that fits the need of each space and my expectations.

And so JAS AROMATICS INC. was born. One of my greatest pleasures is to be able to arrive at my home and office and feel the rich aroma of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, or to feel like I am in a luxurious Spa with its relaxing aroma. Who wouldn't like that?

Our greatest wish is to be able to help other people have the same satisfaction that we have when we enter our home, and that we can help hotel owners to offer their clients rooms with a spectacular and pleasant aroma that they don't want to leave.

In JAS AROMATICS you will get the right machine according to your needs.